We offer you a B2B partnership.
We can provide your entire packages or just the part you are missing in your excisting program

Do you already sell
Sri Lanka ?

We can add new experiences
to your program

You still don´t sell Sri Lanka ?
It can be a fantastic destination

Please tell us your thought and
we prepare you several examples


Tours from 5 days on till how long you want. Goods cars and drivers always willing to give you this extra bit. Depending the time of the year and your interest, we prepare it tailor made for you.


We are specialized in any type of groups. Schools, Unies, Friends, any size and any time.

Sport & Health

Ayurveda stays, yoga, cycling, hiking, surf, golf, cricket, rugby … Ask us!

Safari & Parques

Sri Lanka offers several well-known and not so well-known parks. Impressive Flora and Fauna.

Tailor Made

Give us the dates, ages, interests, budget, etc … and we will prepare your dream holiday.


Volunteering is an experience for your life. We collaborate with some small local organizations.

Local experiences

Cooking lessons, washing elephants, buy in the market, gather tea...

Guest House

Own managed guest house : Coral Seas and Kahuna B&B.